Saturday, April 9, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

Hey everyone!

Some of you may know my as lolor15 from Youtube. The reason I have ventured into the realm of blogging is because I decided it would be a better place for me to post my opinions and thoughts on a number of things such as beauty, fashion, books, health, and more. I realized over time that I wasn't really comfortable putting myself out there on Youtube for the world to see. By blogging I can still do many of the things I did on Youtube, favorites, reviews, ect, but I don't have to find a good time to film, lighting, editing, ect. I will most defiantly post lots of pictures on this blog. I hope many of my Youtube subscribers will follow me on this blog, and lots of other people as well. That's all for now, the first real post will be up soon! Thanks!


PS: I named this blog "laurel" because my name, Lauren, mean "crowned with laurel". :)

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  1. Hi

    You've made the biggest step already, and that's just to start blogging. If you stick to it, slowly you will get more and more people reading. Keep at it and keep up the good work.